Questions to consider...

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Here are some things to consider if you are still trying to decide which model is right for you.

  • What type of water will you paddle on?

The Beach and the Haven are designed for flat waters. Both feature a wide stable base and an open cockpit. If you plan on paddling in surf and chop or cold weather, you will want a sprayskirt. The Bay ST and the Coast XT both fit a sprayskirt.

  • How much gear will you transport?

The Coast XT is our expedition sea kayak. It can pack the most gear and handle the biggest waters! If you plan on paddling and camping on longer trips this might be the kayak for you!

  • How many people are you bringing?

The Haven has two seats but if you are paddling solo it can convert to a single seater with more room for gear.

  • How many dogs are you bringing?

The Beach and the Haven both have open cockpits that make it easy to paddle with a pup. You can remove the front seat of the Haven to make room for a large dog or a pair of medium dogs or a whole pack of tiny dogs! Just think about it....

  • How far will you portage your kayak?

If you plan to portage over land or hike to off road alpine lakes and river access points you can use the Oru Pack. You may want to consider the weight of each model. The Beach is 26 pounds, The Bay is 28 and The Coast is 36 pounds. The Haven at 40 pounds does not fit in the Oru Pack.

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